Saw The Frank Gehry Pavilion, but Compromised and Compromised...

Last summer saw the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion
designed by Frank Gehry, which looked like this:-

and thought, as I was building a new conservatory as part of the passive solar collection system that it would be good to have something arty on the side of the house.

But translating Gehry's masterpiece into something for every day use proved difficult to say the least. First the wood had to be stained and then the geometry turned out to be a challenge - even just knocking the corners off the structure to stop it looking like a box took some working out.

The thought was that the joining of the conservatory to the chimney could be made a to look bit more elegant by adding an additional tilted glass roof section. However anything that caused sunlight to pass through extra layers of glass would have been bad news and it also has to be taken into consideration that this whole structure is being added to a fairly conventional detached house.

So the nearest I got to Gehry was this bit:-

OK nothing like the real thing.