Passive Solar Energy Collection – Installation

Proposed installation marked in red. New window marked in blue.

It has been decided to mount the 'solar chimney' on the south west facing gable end of the house. This will take advantage of the afternoon sunlight and the fact that it was mounted on the wall, as opposed to the roof, will mean it will have an angle of incidence with the winter sun as close to 90˚ as possible. Air warmed in the chimney will be drawn into the loft space – see house section below.

The existing outhouse (not shown on plans) , which was built around the side door of the house will be replaced. The existing structure is half brick and half single glazing and was designed to protect the side entrance from wind and rain. It is to be replaced with a totally glazed structure incorporating 24mm (roof) and 28mm (walls) thick K glass DGUs. The new outhouse will have an opening into the solar chimney so that warm air will flow upwards from the outhouse into loft space via the chimney. The outhouse will also have a vent through which cool air will be drawn from inside the house.

In the early afternoon during mid-winter the maximum area of the combined chimney and outhouse exposed to sun at an angle of 90˚ will be between 14 and 16 square metres.

House section