The Green Deal

25th November 2011

One of the big news stories this week was the Green Deal and the £200 million the UK government intends to spend to encourage the take up of renewable energy. Obviously there has been a degree of scepticism about this initiative centring, for the most part, on the number of buildings remaining in the UK’s building stock that can be insulated. It was also suggested that in a period of economic uncertainty people may be unwilling to take on loans – despite the low interest rates and returns on investment in the form of lower energy bills. There seems to be a feeling that getting the government to force energy companies to lower tariffs may provide an easier route to lowering household energy bills.

From the EnergyCrowd’s point of view the number of houses in the UK without cavity walls represents an opportunity as our passive solar energy collection system also acts as secondary insulation for brick walls – effectively turning these walls into energy stores. The Green Deal will also open up the renewable energy market in the UK for other technologies, such as heat pumps, that theEnergyCrowd employs. Bearing in mind the minimal cost of the passive solar energy system we see the same uptick in demand for this technology as there was for PV when feed in tariffs were introduced.

Glass and Glazing Products wrote a piece on the impact of the Green Deal on the Glazing industry. See Green Deal Meeting

As far as system performance goes, considering it is now late November, this week has been good. The weekend saw the system running well – see Energy Crowd Tweets and Photos and there have been three good weekdays – including today. While it has been a mild month, use of conventional central heating and fuel use is down. This is the pattern we saw last year during late autumn with the system delaying the point where conventional central heating was turned on and, when it was finally used, meant it was only employed on cloudy or misty days.

Have a good weekend and keep warm.

Peter Kruger

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