Conserve Your Energy and Boost Conservatory Sales

16th January 2012

We have now begun talking to conservatory and double-glazing manufacturers about phase two of our passive solar energy system project. The second phase involves adapting the design so that it can be easily installed as part of a glazing contract and, with the current interest in reducing home heating bills, used to sell conservatories as a component in household energy management systems. Our secondary aim is to bridge the gap between new build Passivehaus programs and retrofitting existing housing - we see the secondary glazing and conservatory industry paying a key role in this process.

This weekend saw ideal conditions for the passive solar energy heating system. With daytime temperatures down and skies clear we saw a large temperature difference between outside temperature (3 degrees C) and the conservatory (30 degrees C). The temperature of the air in the top of the solar chimney reached 50 degrees C with air coming into the house at 35 degrees C. Today has provided a repeat of these conditions and the last few days has seen a radical reduction in the need for conventional heating and seen the boiler shut down during the day and early evening. The lengthening of days means the system has still been pumping heat at 5pm.

Have a good weekend – Peter Kruger

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