A Free Delivery Of Oil With Every Conservatory

3rd February 2012

After March, when feed in tariffs linked to solar PV installations are scaled back, the renewable energy market will experience something of a readjustment. Possibly a more level playing field will emerge. Companies providing a wide range of other renewable energy generation and energy conservation products may get a chance to play in the next round. The question is: will the secondary glazing and conservatory industry be in a position to win prizes in this new game?

One thing is clear – pardon the pun – consumers have been willing to put a whole lot of glass on their roof if it earned then a 10% return on their investment. Never mind what their house ended up looking like. Never mind that beyond producing a little electricity, the panels had little utility value. Their £10,000 investment generated a monetary return – cash in the bank. Perhaps there is a lesson here for the secondary glazing industry. There is, after all, a monetary value associated with the tank full of oil a householder will not need because their conservatory is cutting heat loss – or even better generating heat energy.

This week has provided a good demonstration of just how much energy a combined passive solar and conservatory installation can contribute to the heating a house. Those of you following the project on Twitter will have seen that even with daytime sub zero temperatures we have been getting air at almost 40 degrees C pumped into the house between 11am and 5 pm – shutting down the conventional central heating for six hours.

This message that secondary gazing is an important part of the energy equation should not be lost on the government. Conservatory generated heat energy has the potential to knock a significant hole in the 40% of the UK’s energy currently used to heat homes. Also, while most solar PV panels are imported, the majority of conservatories and secondary glazing components are manufactured in the UK itself.

Stay warm, look out those snow shoes and have a good weekend

Peter Kruger

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