Big Renewable Energy Ideas for Tall Buildings

The use of renewable energy in the building sector is currently dominated by the application of solar domestic hot water and PV systems in single-family houses. This project, which as it has no UK partners is less well known here, is aimed at buildings with a small roof area compared to the floor area (“high-rise buildings”) and for existing buildings that generally have a higher energy demand than new buildings. The project addresses some of the issues that need to be addressed if urban heat islands are to be illuminated; for example:-

- development of integrated building concepts, suitable for a major share of the high-rise building stock, which can be characterised as the most cost-effective combinations of existing and/or newly developed components;

- development of new multi-functional façade components which combine standard features and the use of renewable energy resources;

- development of new business and cost models which consider the entire life cycle of a building and which incorporate the benefits of reduced operating costs and greenhouse-gas emissions;

- a decision support tool will help the planners to find the best integrated building concept.

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